Vibex One 7 (New - 2015)

7 Output Power Block

Rhodium version: 745€

Available with the following types of outlet sockets:



13A. B.S.

Guarantee: 5 Years from date of purchase. Transferable.


IEC Input socket: Oyaide IEC320 with Rhodium plated contacts.

7 Outputs sockets: Vibex 2.0 micron Rhodium plated sockets in the One 7R

Maximum Power Consumption: 10 Amperes @ 230V. / 15 Amperes @ 115V. (limited by IEC320 input socket)

Internal wiring: 20 Ampere  Silver plated OFC copper with extruded PTFE dielectric.

Non-conductive and non-magnetic  solid Krion chassis.

No metal screws are used in the construction of the One 7 and One 7R.

All connections are soldered using the highest quality solder available.

There are no connectors of any type employed in a One 7 and One 7R.

All sockets have individual pocket elastomer damping to control and dissipate energy, avoiding cross-contamination between outputs.

Constrained layer critically damped chassis.

High tech Gel feet are employed to decouple  the One 7 and One 7R  from the floor or rack. These are far more effective than the majority of spikes or cones in isolating the  One 7 and One 7R from its surroundings.

Manufacturer: Vibex