Granada Platinum

Dual D.C. Power Filter Block

The  new Granada Platinum will be available from January 2019!

This is without doubt the best Vibex ever!

Listen and you will see that the wait has been very worthwhile!

More information to follow!

Dual D.C. Power Filter Block
8 x D.C. Filtered outlets.
New Platinum IEC input socket.
New Vibex 2.0 micron pure Platinum direct plated sockets.
New internal Neotech solid core single crystal wire with teflon insulation.
New individual Alpha Gel damping for each socket.
New internal geometry and damping.
New pure titanium cones.
Size: 483W x 132D x 68H (mm.)
The Granada Platinum can be directly mounted on a wall or rack (3U).
Option: Plug-in lightning and over-voltage protection

Manufacturer: Vibex